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She thinks that if she poos in the pink heart on the cover, Beaux Hank will immediately forget all that prison romance with his cell mate, Chester. Reading all the reviews below, I think most readers of the book didn't quite get what it's about. With the exception of people who're specifically aroused by such things (like renowned R&B recording artist R. The "date" in question refers not to a paramour but to a calendric occasion, i.e. For example, say today is July 7, 2016 (it is) and I'd like to engage in peristaltic release on July 10, 2016 (I do).They seem to think the book instructs you on how to defecate on your romantic companion. Kelly), you shouldn't expect anyone to allow you to evacuate your bowels on them, no matter how much you believe they like you. The purpose of this book is to help me plan and prepare accordingly, so when the date arrives I'm guaranteed to poop successfully and aren't caught by surprise on, say, July 9.But heck no, stupid me, I just read the title and invented my own cliff notes, expecting that sooner or later, I'd hit on the magic formula for pooing on my date.If only they'd spent the extra ink on the title by saying, How To Poo WHILE On A Date, I'd have bought the book and figured out my error.And it what a relief it would have been to be able to pinch off a log on command instead of either holding it in or listening to them scream whilst I did my business. I'm all verklempt as I write this, just knowing that my days of being hauled in front of a judge for my previous habits are over.This is going to be particularly useful while dating on prune smoothie night.I gave this to my son for Christmas, who is just starting a relationship with this girl.

for anyone who has ever been in a situation when you want to poo but cant (regardless of first dates or new situations) this book makes your desperate efforts seem justified!! Oh, if ONLY I had bought this book many years ago, I would probably be married and have kids by now. If I only had a nickel for every date where I took a dump on her and then she got mad and left.

I was sitting on his lap when the urge came upon me so I did the deed. I'd basically given up on dating, until the Easter Bunny left a copy of "How to Poo on a Date" in my Easter Basket, hidden under all the chocolate — read it, and everything has been funky-dory since.

Was I supposed to tell him I was about to poo instead of surprising him? Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible pubic service you have done by putting this book out!

The panel heard Miss Wilson had worked at the unnamed school since 2013 and was "highly regarded" as a teacher and had been praised by parents and pupils.

The trip took place in July 2015 and while on a flight returning to the UK the sexual activity took place with the student - known only as Pupil A.

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The book contains some good information and some funny "crap" too! Only got through a short amount before I gave up and threw it away.

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