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For the top of my head, there are congees and porridge for , and the best of the bunch, egg-noodles with wonton. It’s not a huge bowl, but just what you need for a late night. You also have the choice to have the noodles with or without the soup, which is an absolutely divine broth.

This is the best and most authentic Thai-style egg-noodle dish you could order in Sydney. Since I’m quite greedy, I always asked for them with the soup separated into another bowl. Unfortunately I did not manage to dig up a picture of this classic egg-noodle dish, but be sure to ask your server if you’re interested!

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In short, you have everything you need to find and practice with your Thailand language exchange partners.Hi my Name is Clément and i'm a native french living in Bangkok, I felt in love with Thailand and especially Bangkok !! Living here just for few months but I planned to stay here looong time. Otherwise, there are Thai sweets and desserts that are made fresh daily right in the entrance of the restaurant, already packed into their appropriate containers.These great sweets, along with Fried Chicken Skin and at times, Pork and Fish Balls, could be purchased and enjoy as a delicious snack.

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