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Trained and certified Health Education staff provide age-appropriate classes and workshops in a variety of formats, ranging from single-sessions to a semester-long series, and vary in length to meet the needs of the audience.

Education is provided within various venues such as community fairs, parent-teacher meetings, in-school classes for grades 4 through college level, staff training/in-services, and in community youth serving agencies.

She faces federal charges for allegedly kidnapping the teen and taking him to Mexico to have sex.

An Associated Press reporter, Elliott Spagat, interviewed the boy while he was in Mexico and told CNN about it.

Asked why she doesn't scrutinize the phone the same way she snoops on the computer, she said.The boy recounted being groomed, telling Spagat that Peterson "was his best friend. and he said she would lend an ear whenever he needed it," Spagat said.Peterson's lawyer, James Martin Davis, said that's not what happened and there was no grooming or pursuit by his client.His client has a preliminary hearing on January 22.Before cell phones, laptops and Sidekicks -- a Black Berry-like device for the younger, hipper crowd -- someone might have noticed that a teacher was "grooming" a child, or being way too attentive, too often. Now, teachers have weeks, months and years to secretly undermine a child's parents and get a student to go along with sexual contact.

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