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However, there have been circulating rumors that Masuwaka is allegedly having an affair with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS, which is one of the reasons for the divorce.“It is with T, who plays an active part in N from a four-person group.The two are intimate-friends who are often seen hanging-out from Ropponggi to Shibuya.

When MLB star Darvish Yu and model/actress Saeko parted ways earlier last year, he was also rumored to be one of the reasons for divorce.

I came here thinking I would change my place to drink.' And then he said 'The women who come to my drinking parties think that other drinking parties are boring. They played rock paper scissors, in which the winning person would have to take a shot of tequila. Tegoshi put his hands into the women's panties and kissed them, but I watched this from far away as to not interfere.

"A" said, "I was made to drink so much that I don't know how many shots of tequila I drank, and Tegoshi & co. Then, Tegoshi sang "Sen no Kaze ni Natte" passionately while butt naked.

There were rumors about him dating some actress or female singers before.

Plus recently, a fan caught sight of him walking around with a pretty foreign girl in Osaka.

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