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Ted Turner net worth is estimated at .2 billion according to Forbes as of 2015.The largest private landholder in the United States(outside the federal government), Robert Edward or better known as Ted Turner is a major figure in American business of the late 20th century.The lodge’s picturesque veranda offers guests the perfect spot to sit and relax.Ted Turner is the second largest individual landholder in North America.In 2006 Ted decided to build a simple mansion on this property that can be a guest house for his friends who visit this Ranch often.The house has four bedrooms and a simple living room.Location: Armendaris Ranch is located in south central New Mexico.Accommodation: The property is spread around 350,000 acres.

The ranch also has archaeological implication, with numerous remnants of the Mimbres culture.Location: Flying D Ranch is located in southwest Montana just north of Yellowstone National Park.Ranch highlight: The Ranch is spread in the area of 113,613-acre and looks after the in-stream flow water resource management, promoting habitat for abundant fish populations..Armendaris Ranch in New Mexico is one of the many Ranches that Ted owns as he is the largest individual landholder in the United States.The area has reintroduced population of desert bighorn sheep the Bolson's tortoise.

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