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Near the beginning of the documentary, he describes this dire scene: “Three years ago (…) 100% of the [girls] between eight and 12 were being sexually trafficked”.

In my view, solving the issue of sex slavery in Cambodia involves first deciphering the causes of the problem. Rather than targeting brothel owners, I believe loans and the type of employment available in the region (i.e. The unfortunate truth is that even if one brothel is taken down, another will soon take its place.

Consequently, the police have no way to effectively charge brothel owners with a crime.

The only other way to prosecute brothel owners is for a victim to testify against the owner, revealing often difficult and intimate details of their experience.

To do this, not only does a girl have to be a survivor of human trafficking, she also needs to have the mental strength and bravery to seek justice, even though inside she may feel broken.

Moreover, as in many developing countries, there are high levels of corruption such that, even if organisations like AIM inform the police of a brothel’s location the information will almost certainly leak to the brothel owners and they will consequently quickly relocate.

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