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A final solution to this dilemma will depend of course on a better understanding of what was happening in North America at the same time.Recent archaeological data can be used to support a dual occupation of the New World, either directly or indirectly.The question is: Are they Australians/Polynesians who migrated North from South/Central America, or are they remnants of the Xi/Olmec who broke-off as the main group headed south into Mexico?

However in the years 1769 to 1833, the Spanish missions in California had a devastating effect on Ohlone culture.It is not easy to see the lies which formed your reality, crumble before your eyes.Even some Negroes have the problem too, their reality has been shaped by the lies the Albinos taught them, so they too find it hard to grapple with the truth.Link to the study: it is a reasonable certainty that the African Xi/Olmec of Mexico were originally a part of the Xia/Shang people of China who crossed the Bering straits and entered the Americas.There is uncertainty as to the origins of other ancient Africans in North America: among these are the Seminoles of Florida, the Tsimshia of Western Canada (not the modern people), the Jamassee of Northern Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina - the Californians, whose legendary Queen Calafia lent her Name to the state of California, the Mississippians of South-central United States.

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It is different from American Indians or Amerindians, who were later migrants).

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