Regex for validating url

The unit test contains several URLs which should be valid and not valid which are not part of the challenge.

We will create a Java Script Object to store the different parts of our Reg Ex to keep a better overview.

These site and document location records are associated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM records so that the documents for Microsoft Dynamics CRM records can be stored in Share Point.

When the links between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Share Point break, you must validate and fix the links so that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM records continue to point to the correct document libraries and folders for managing the documents.

It is minimum 2 letter word that has a dot "in front" of it.( but it is not necessarily there`.

Using this method we can match both full URLs from our list, the Pen 33bd4e5c25c1873b0e836743eec21967 by Kevin Gimbel (@kevingimbel) on Code Pen.

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