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In germany for example there is also a (small) lack of women - due to for me unkown reasons (perhaps male refugees? Novosibirsk is a region in devoid of natural resources.I know several western men who wish they could marry an Asian or Russian woman.There are just some big cultural differences which might be either very good or very bad. The less Chinese men marriaging there kind means easy picking for me. #ULL #UL18 #Chruchpoint337 #Ragin Cajun Ulf, I can feel with you, and there are other demographic and social problems as well arising in the new USSR v2.0 we are currently experiencing in the Western world coming to fruition where people are becoming increasingly brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, and where men and women are driven apart through very clever and insidious social engineering.

White complexes, but spiced with the blood of many nations.

It is known that China has more men and Russia is more women, and the most natural way to strengthen the multiple partnership of these two countries is through the marriage of their people.

These things are wonderful because they connect people in the most natural way.

OSD centre doing good JOB ,trying toremove imbalance between population of centre is showing right right way of sex .

To build up a FAMILY is a healthy activity for body & satisfaction of mind.interesting.

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