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I always thought that if a guy could catch me wearing a ballgown and singing at my window, he’d be hooked.Then I realized, as a comparatively naive and non-wily dater, wouldn’t it be helpful to get tips from my fellow females and test them for the benefit of all women?

I’m not saying that every single German man knows how to dance, but they’ve all got a sense of it.We’ve all dreamt about it: getting whisked away by a dreamy, well-dressed, heavy-accented European man and touring the continent together.Let’s face it, you’re reading this article right now because you have dreamt this fantasy at least once in your life.And that too is always coupled with a Henley shirt or V-neck.They certainly always want to impress the girl they’re dating, even if that means sacrificing comfort. ” Alright, I promised you all the details, so there was no way I could miss this one.

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If we’ve ever had an argument, it’s normal to leave 10 seconds aside so he can punch away on his translator and find out his meaning of the heavy words that are pouring out of my mouth.

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