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The famously clean-cut pop singer reveals that he hired Fr Mc Elynn to look after his charitable projects and numerous houses, after it became clear the American would give up the priesthood. In the book, Sir Cliff calls the former clergyman his "companion" and "blessing", going on to say he is "sick to death" of media speculation about his sexuality.

"Our arrangement has worked out really well," he writes.

Gone are the days when we assumed loving relationships would be solely between men and women.

It seems to me that commitment is the issue, and if anyone comes to me and says: 'This is my partner; we are committed to each other', then I don't care what their sexuality is.

The memoirs of most pop stars follow a formula, describing in lurid detail their sexual exploits and battles with drug addiction.

Sir Cliff Richard's autobiography is a little different, if no less illuminating.

He describes Ms Irving, with whom he had a relationship in the early 1960s, as "utterly beautiful", and says for a time they were "inseparable". "I seriously contemplated asking her to marry me," he writes, "but in the end I realised that I didn't love her quite enough to commit the rest of my life to her.

"People often make the mistake of thinking that only marriage equals happiness," he writes.

"I may suddenly meet someone and feel differently, but right now I am not sure marriage would enhance my happiness.

I wanted to tell a children’s tale my way, with pictures, but in the same way that children’s books always have something vaguely magical and a child at the center.

In this case the child is a little girl, and she has the power.”.

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