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I hope the message of this drama is more of kind: be yourself, as long as you're happy, even without a visage or body of a model you can still be successful.

etc And I don't understand her comment about 'original dramas' hmmm Wouldn't it just have been easier to have Yanagihara Kanako be the main character?

So what about the message they wanted to get to their viewers? Currently, it is requiring: a)Japanese-English translator b)Timer c)Editor d)Quality Checker e)Karaoke Type setting (not really needed)..

“When I imagined myself wearing the special make-up for the first time, I was really excited,” confessed Aibu.

“I’ll do my best so that everyone that watches can feel surprised by the transformation and be encouraged (to lose weight).” The drama, which airs in April, will be the third time since the drama “Zettai Kareshi” that Aibu Saki and actor Hayami Mokomichi will co-star together.

I guess it's like how in 200lb Beauty the girl looked like she weighed closer to 300 though. again I really doubt that she will stay over weight for sake of her happiness. made me really dislike her (I have the manga series and I don't mind they change the setting of the story and shifted the targeted audience... But then again, we only know them through their characters they portray.

every single drama that i have seen that is to do with these kind of issues most of the time ends up with the hero/heroin of the story achieve the absolute perfection in order to get their happiness. but to make her from such a nice sweet girl to a b?! I think I might be the only one who disliked her from Utahime drama. But it meant she was doing an excellent job (and I like Yamada Yu ^^) but in Aibu's case.... but she's just play dislikeable characters lol Yeah I know what you mean too. I'm still interested in it (the plot is interesting) but the fact that she's gonna be in a fat suit kinda tells me that she's gonna lose weight at the end (because they could have gotten a bigger person to do the role, right?

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