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Why Aligning Renewals Is Important to Families and States Working families often face substantial hurdles in renewing benefits.

In many states, families — particularly those not receiving TANF — have to fill out different forms and meet with a different workers (and sometimes in different offices) to renew their eligibility for child care, food stamps, and Medicaid or SCHIP.

Families that receive assistance from benefit programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, SCHIP, child care, and TANF generally are required to participate periodically in a formal review of their eligibility, typically once or twice a year.

For families receiving food stamps, updated information still will be collected every six months.

States also can reduce agency workload by creating a single renewal process for multiple programs or using information from one program to complete eligibility reviews in other programs.

When workers spend less time processing renewals (or reapplications after missed renewals), they have more time to focus on services for families, such as supporting employment. The following represents an aligned renewal structure that complies with current federal policies.

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