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This reverse lookup will only work if the IP address owner has inserted a PTR record in the DNS.

If you don't get a PTR information about a specific computer from a DIG query, you may want to try our whois service to find out the owner of this IP address.

We undertake searches in the following fields: Patent Searches If you have an invention, and are considering applying for a patent, you will need to search in international databases to see what similar patents (if any) already exist.

Training The purpose of our bespoke training is to help you develop your and enable you to carry out your own research more effectively.When undertaking a priced information search, we will use those sources we judge most likely to contain the information required.We have access to a range of online databases, in addition to all the sources held in the British Library’s collections.When the Internet was emerging out of the ARPANET, there was only one organization that handled all domain registrations, which was DARPA itself.The process of registration was established in RFC 920.

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The DIG utility (domain information groper) is a unix tool, which can be used to gather information from the Domain Name System servers.

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