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She, too, experimented with a crimping iron -- oftentimes to more success than her classmates. The hair dye and piercings may be gone, but Stacey Farber will always be our favorite ginger -- and the realest girl who ever stepped foot inside Degrassi High. Clare eventually learned the value of a pair of comfy jeans and a little mascara as her time at Degrassi went on.

For example, be cautious when talking to randos on the Internet.OK, so Craig Manning (played by Jake Epstein) joined in the second season but he was so dreamy as the show's moody musician that he needed to be mentioned.Since leaving the show for good after Season 8, he's been in several bands and appeared in shows like It would kind of ridiculous not to mention Drake, aka Aubrey Graham.(In hindsight, this was probably a good thing.) Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) now...After playing a straight-laced character for so many seasons, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, now 27, is embracing her creative side.

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