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Currently baseline mammograms are covered for women ages 35 through 39 and annual mammograms for women 40 or older, according to the summary of the act.Modern Handicap Symbol A new access symbol for people with disabilities will be used in all new constructed and substantially renovated buildings.Below, we look at a few different maps comparing Connecticut to the other 49 states by the strictness of their gun laws.

The movement is commonly called "ban the box," which refers to the check mark box on job applications that asks about prior convictions and arrests.

As you can see, Connecticut is ranked as having one of the strongest gun control regimes in the country, ranking in the second tier behind only California.

As the gun debate heats up in the coming days, expect those who oppose additional gun control measures to point to these maps. Dan Malloy (D) preemptively fought back against that argument Sunday, saying gun-makers can get around half-measures and that federal action is needed.

APRNs will also be able to issue "do not resuscitate" orders, certify a disability to cancel a health club contract and certifying a disability or illness for continuing education waivers or extensions for various health professions.

Twenty-two states have passed laws prohibiting the use of certain abortion procedures. Such laws are the subject of court challenges in a number of these states. Thirty states, including Connecticut, have laws generally requiring that women receive state-mandated information and materials concerning fetal development, prenatal care, and other related information.

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