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Users of dating websites share a plethora of private details but generally will not share their addresses or real names unless a stronger relationship develops through multiple online and offline interactions.The largest dating sites, such as and Plentyof, were found to remove location metadata from user profile pictures.Twelve of the 21 websites were run by a single Canadian company, Successful According to the Successful Match website, the company runs 24 dating websites on the same platform, 12 of which were not examined as part of the research project.But 23 percent of the 90 websites were found to leave metadata attached to the profile photo.All of these specialized dating sites were based on such attributes as age, disability, hobby or religion.NOTE: These BOULDER dating profiles are displayed randomly and for a preview purpose only!Contacting these singles is 100% FREE, BUT you have to be a member yourself to be able to do it.

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Contact: Kai Larsen, Leeds School, [email protected] Caughey, CU media relations, [email protected]“While we were pleased to see such a high level of responsible behavior by online dating companies, an online predator would require no more than one website to act irresponsibly,” said Associate Professor Kai Larsen of the Leeds School of Business.

“The fact that we found more than 20 websites that do not carefully maintain user privacy is cause for concern, in that individual users are left to maintain their own privacy by carefully confirming that any uploaded picture does not contain GPS coordinates.”A number of the University of Colorado at Boulder's doctoral programs, including those in geography, aerospace engineering sciences, integrative physiology, and astrophysical and planetary sciences, were highly rated in a report released today by the National Research Council, or NRC.

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