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Also find an excellent glossary and an extensive list of helpful, related web links organized by chapter.

Middle school and high school boys will find this accessible, reader-friendly book; buy several copies for it will surely walk.

Original artwork and drawings enhance the presentation.

(Mary Beth Di Prima INFOLINK 2010-06-30)Following in the footsteps of The Little Black Book for Girlz (also available from Annick Press) this book was written by guys for guys about that most unmentionable topic: their own sexuality.

This book delivers straight information in today's language in short, browsable pieces written by young men, covering all aspects of sex and relationships including the physical, emotional and practical.

There is nothing cute or embarrassed about this book--it's like a trusted friend or mentor is sitting down and explaining everything a guy needs to know in order to make informed decisions about a healthy sex life.

The result is an honest, forthright discussion about topics that young people need to know about but for which they may have a difficult time accessing up-to-date and complete information. Stephen's Community House, a community-based social service agency in Toronto, and have been vetted by health professionals for accuracy.

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If I could, I would purchase this book for every Black household in America. It’s time to talk about the big issues—like education and health—as they pertain to our children and our communities. Teahouse of the Almighty is a compilation of poems worth reading and then re-reading. The Words Don’t Fit in My Mouth by jessica Care moore jessica Care moore is a writer-thinker-activist-mother who teaches us how to be great.

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