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Even when the user is previously unknown to Google, the engine begins to tailor its responses based on a number of “sensitive topics” in as few as three to four searches.And though Google is now inviting users to delete their search histories in a couple of clicks, it is very unclear what that means: The company’s privacy policy still reserves the right to record your search results, tie them to your IP address or Google account, then target ads on Google properties and beyond.And given the depth of the disclosures I’ve plugged into the Internet, I’m actually a little surprised that these digital ad companies don’t seem to know about me.My Blue Kai consumer profile correctly guesses that I’m an unmarried professional female apartment-renter who buys hair products, makeup, deodorant, feminine products, and pizza.Taken together, the history reads a bit like a slightly unhinged love letter to the women who have fascinated me throughout my life.When I was 21, they were readers last year of the risks of big data.

The Network Advertising Initiative, a “self-regulatory association” of digital ad companies that includes Google’s ad outfit, Double Click, now gives Internet users the option to opt out of certain types of monitoring.When CNBC data journalist Mark Fahey dove into his own search history, he deemed his results “mundane.” It turns out that “many people using Google are just trying to get to Facebook,” and others are mainly asking Google Maps for help getting off the Internet.But at least on my feed, once you read past the logistical searches, there’s a lot more where Paging through my own history feels a little bit like preparing to defend myself in court.” demonstrates why the search bar has become such a scintillating resource for advertisers.Typical commercials work by trying to convince me that I need to buy a new product to solve a problem I didn’t know I had: A luminous Andie Mac Dowell poses for an anti-aging serum, and I search the mirror for fine lines.

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