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Sometimes they slept apart, sometimes they had sleepovers at one another’s side and they had all kinds of traditions and routines for staying connected.She reported being happier in marriage than anyone she’s ever met. Her theory was that the idea of living with someone 24/7 and not monogamy was what was making so many marriages struggle.I react this way to this type of sentence/sentiment.” Joanna, You’ve hit on something really interesting.There are certain images, words, activities, whatever, that make us feel the same or similar feelings to what we feel when we’re in love.Recognizing that is liberating, because it enables us to sort out what is actually love and what is the result of those particular stimuli.

They wouldn’t have agreed if they didn’t think it would be at least pleasant to talk for that long.

piece, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” with The Good Men Project‘s Facebook Writers Group, I had no idea that so many people would jump in with their thoughts and feelings on love.

Actually, I did have some idea, because love is something that virtually everyone has experienced and on which everyone has an opinion.

Recognizing a love that doesn’t feel like mystical swirling forces being in charge, I think, requires one to be self-aware enough to know where they are vulnerable and why they have – or even that they have – a tendency to be swept away by certain personality traits in another, or even by certain actions.

Joanna, Recognizing a love that feels peaceful and not volatile is challenging for many people.

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She believed it to be unrealistic to expect to stay close and connected without more significant space.

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