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The kingdom of the Hwicca received a Bishop at Hereford c.640, whilst in the northern kingdom of Northumbria a short-lived Roman effort under Paulinus was replaced by a more permanent Celtic mission under first Aidan, then Cuthbert.By the 670s, the English had been very largely converted to Christianity.He was born somewhere around 383 near the northern frontier of Roman Britain.His father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest, but young Patrick was indifferent to religion until after he was kidnapped and enslaved in an Irish raid c.387AD.

AD200 speaks of 'part of the island of Britain are subject to Christ, which are not under the rule of Caesar.' This suggests that by the close of the second century Christianity had spread beyond the lowlands of Roman Britain into the hill country of the North and West.

As a result the normal diocesan structure more or less disappeared being replaced by the Clan monastery which had a bishop on the staff.

During the same period St Kentigern (Mungo) continued the work of evangelizing Galloway (SW Scotland) and St Maughold converted the Manx to Christianity so that by 550AD northern and western Britain, and Ireland had been fully Evangelized.

Thus by the time of Patrick's death in 461AD Ireland was a largely Christian Country and was set to be the last refuge of civilisation during the Dark Age of the Barbarian Invasions.

After St Patrick's death, Abbeys became relatively more important and bishops less so.

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